Ultimate Whoopee Cushion

The original prank prop for fans of the joyous sound of parps.

Whether you call them pops or farts, if flatulence tickles your funny bone you'll get a whole load of laughs out of the classic (and self-inflating) Beano Whoopee Cushion.

Inflate with air, plant on a chair and wait for your unsuspecting stooge to take a seat. Acceptable comments after the inevitable windy pop are: "Had enough beans?", "I smell that!" or the classic, terribly loud, "Pardon you!".

Just watch your back, the red cheeks of embarrassment won't last long and you can almost guarantee your victim will soon be browsing the rest of the Beano prank range to seek out their method of revenge.

Go on, become the ultimate prankster today! Wahey... wahoo... whoopee!

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