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Find answers to frequently answered questions about our Beano Fan Club Membership below.

What is Beano Fan Club?

Exactly what it says on the tin (or wallet) – a club for Beano fans.


Can I be a Beano Fan Club member if I don’t have a Beano comic subscription?

Yes. Anyone can be a Beano Fan Club member.


What is included in the Beano Fan Club Membership?

You can find all the details of what is included in a Beano Fan Club membership here.


Will my membership be automatically renewed each year?

To enjoy being a member and receive the rewards, the Fan Club Membership must be renewed annually. We will contact you directly when you need to renew to ensure you continue to receive all of the membership benefits.


If I am the purchaser, who is the member of the fan club – myself or my child?

The Fan Club member is the person named as the recipient, i.e. the person named in the delivery address. Make sure to put the Fan Club member’s name in the recipient (delivery) address when you go through the checkout, even if they live at the same address as you.


If I join after a particular gift has been mailed, do I still get one?

It will always be clear on the product page at the time of ordering which gifts you will receive first. See what's up next for orders placed today on the product page here.


Someone else bought my child a Beano subscription, can I buy them a Beano Fan Club membership?

Yes. The comic subscription and Beano Fan Club Membership are purchased separately.


Can I buy Beano Fan Club Membership for delivery internationally?

Unfortunately, Beano Fan Club membership is only available for recipients in the UK at the moment.


Are the included items / rewards sent addressed to the recipient or to the payee?

They are addressed to the recipient. Please make sure to put the Fan Club member’s name in the recipient (delivery) address when you go through the checkout, even if they live at the same address as you. That will ensure the letter from the editor and Christmas card are addressed to them. Some communications, such as event invitations and follow-up emails, will be sent to the payee. The same applies to billing / service-related communications.


I used to have a Dennis the Menace / Dennis & Gnasher Fan Club membership. Am I now a Beano Fan Club member?

DING! Once a member, always a member. Wear your badges proudly and always, always make mischief. But to receive the current Beano Fan Club rewards, you will need to purchase a Beano Fan Club membership.


Why is it now called Beano Fan Club?

The current name was chosen by Beano fan community.


Why is the event an online event?

There are Fan Club members all over the UK. There may be opportunities for in person events in future, but the event we’re introducing as a Fan Club Member exclusive will be held online so everyone can attend.


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