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Beano: The ultimate weekly kids magazine subscription

Help spark creativity and get kids laughing out loud with a great-value Beano comic subscription.

Each issue offers 36 pages of giggles, featuring famous characters including Dennis, Gnasher, Minnie, Bananaman, Billy Whizz and more.

An award-winning children’s magazine, Beano is the ultimate subscription for kids aged 6 to 12.

Readers can expect a fun and exciting mix of comic adventures, pranks, hilarious jokes and activities packed inside every issue, helping keep today's kids entertained.

Top reasons to subscribe to Beano

  • Get kids laughing out loud, trying out pranks and sharing jokes
  • 36 pages of giggles that both new and confident readers can enjoy
  • Delivery included – in 100% recyclable packaging too!
  • 50 fun-packed issues per year, including a bumper issue at Christmas
  • Spread the cost with our pay monthly by Direct Debit offer 
  • Save on the shop cover price
  • Receive each issue before the shops^

Subscribe to Beano today from only £10!

Next issue: Order by 23rd July to get our 10th August issue delivered direct to your door.

Read more about Beano here.

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The world’s longest-running weekly comic for kids!

The world’s longest-running comic, the first issue of Beano released on July 30th, 1938. Home to icons including Dennis, Gnasher, the Bash Street Kids, Bananaman, Minnie, Billy Whizz and more, Beano has featured over 400 characters during its incredible eight-decade history.

The perfect subscription for kids aged between 6 and 12, Beano is released weekly, offering 36 pages of giggles inside every issue. Encourage reading (in a fun and memorable way) and keep kids laughing out loud, sharing jokes and trying out pranks with a Beano comic subscription.

What parents say about the Beano Comic Subscription

“My daughter Rita has had a Beano subscription for over a year and can’t wait for her comic to arrive. She reads it from cover to cover and is proud of her collection.

She adores the fantastic artwork and engaging writing, and has transformed her into an avid reader and something of a keen prankster.”

–– Simon, parent


“When my son’s Beano comes through the post, everything stops until he's looked through every page then he'll read it from front to back.”
–– Pippa, parent 


“God bless Beano for bringing an hour of calm to our household on Saturday mornings. It's the gift that keeps on giving.”
–– Nichola, parent

Read more comments from the parents of Beano subscribers, or find out about Reuben’s reading journey here.

Iconic comic characters

Beano has featured over 400 characters throughout its incredible eight-decade history! Comic icons such as Dennis, Gnasher, Minnie, the Bash Street Kids and Bananaman are joined by favourites including Jem Jones, a determined ghost hunter, Dangerous Dan, Beanotown’s top spy and Rubi - a keen scientist and inventor!

Subscribe today and look forward to an impressive variety of characters going on epic adventures in each and every issue.

The perfect gift for kids

A subscription to Beano is the perfect birthday, special occasion or Christmas gift idea for kids.

The gift that keeps on giving, friends and relatives can look forward to sharing the comic, trying out the latest pranks and jokes and enjoying Beano together.

We currently offer a variety of subscription options including pay monthly (by Direct Debit) and prepay options (different duration terms available).

Kids around the world enjoy Beano comics. We are delighted to offer fantastic overseas subscription options. Popular countries outside the UK for delivery include Ireland, the USA and Australia. Please select the “Overseas” price tab above for details.

Arranging a subscription for someone? Download, print and fold this voucher or email an A4 PDF.

Screen-free fun

Beano ReviewBeano Review

An added bonus; put the joy into reading with a subscription to Beano. Each issue is bursting with exciting visuals and funny content readers return to over and over again.

A great source of regular screen-free entertainment, kids love receiving a weekly helping of comic fun. Colourful comic strips help support reading, offering a blamtastic break from books and novels.

Help set children set off on their own fun reading adventure with a great-value Beano comic subscription today.

Your subscription will start 2-4 weeks from the first payment (UK delivery). 

We publish 50 issues of Beano per year. 
How often will I pay?  

The Direct Debit price is paid monthly. If you choose one of our pre-pay options you’ll pay the full amount now as a one-off charge. 
What day does Beano come out?  

Subscription comics are dispatched on a Thursday via second class post. Estimated UK arrival is between Monday and Wednesday. Beano goes on sale in the shops on Wednesdays. Subscribers should receive the comic before it's in the shops. 
Got other questions? 

Find the answers to other Frequently Asked Questions here. 

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Please note that this offer is only available to new subscribers.

^Receive each issue before the shops subscription benefit applies to UK subscribers only.

Savings based on the magazine UK cover price. Direct Debit offers available to recipients within the UK when paying by Direct Debit. For UK bank accounts only. New customers only.

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