Gnasher’s Fleas: Collectible Mystery Flea


Purchase two of Gnasher's fleas and get the second one free (the second flea will be different to the first).

The discount will be applied to every second flea in the basket, so the more you buy, the more you save!

Orders of 2-10 fleas will not contain two of the same flea. Orders containing more than 10 fleas will likely contain duplicates.

Offer ends Monday 4th April 2022. Excludes all other products and delivery charges. Can't be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Gnasher’s Fleas: Collectible Mystery Flea

You never know which of Gnasher’s fleas you’ll get when it comes to this collectible blind bag. Whether you or your kids are ITCHING for the ultra-rare Menace Flea or HOPPING for Flea-onrdo, the artistic flea, Gnasher’s Fleas can SCRATCH that urge for something gnawesome!

There are 15 fleas to get your hands on – a whole infestation of other highly collectible characters from Astro Gnat: The Space Flea to Captain Flea-beard: The Pirate Flea.

You’ll receive a flea at random and the fleas range from pretty common to ultra-rare – so if you receive the Menace Flea count yourself very, very lucky!


What's in the blind bag?

·         1 flea trading card detailing your flea's skills, abilities and quirks

·         1 flea tin featuring your flea – all fleas need a home, and this is where yours lives*

·         1 certificate of adoption – proof your flea came from the one and only Gnasher

·         1 flea tracker poster – keep track of your collection and fleas you’re yet to find


There's also free Flea Club full of fun and games on


Gotta scratch ’em all…

Start your collection today! It’s the FLEAS-on to feel jolly and Gnasher’s fleas are the wonderful stocking filler your pets have been dreading! ORDERS WILL BE DISPATCHED APRIL 5th


*Fleas will be too small to see.

Disclaimer: We take no responsibility for the feelings of itchiness, scratchy-ness and general flea-y mischief that this product may cause.

  • 1 flea trading card
  • 1 flea tin
  • 1 certifcate of adoption
  • 1 flea tracker poster


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