Beano Monopoly & Top Trumps Games Duo

Two of our incredibly popular games - Beano Monopoly and Beano Top Trumps - are available at a fraction of their normal selling prices when you get them together.

Beano Monopoly: A Beanotown version of the classic board game, suitable for ages 8+ and 2-6 players. Bash Street School has a new head teacher and word on the playground is that he thinks he's in charge. Naturally, that's bad news for Beanotown kids like Dennis, Minnie the Minx, Roger the Dodger and the Bash Street Kids, but they're ready to fight for their right to party (and blame the dog for eating their homework).

Forget the bowler hat and the iron: race around the board with a bespoke Beano playing token - a scooter, skate, bike, go-kart, trainer or skateboard. Wheel and deal with bespoke Beano Monopoly money and Bash Street School classrooms (or properties as they're known in classic Monopoly), and take control of the school.

Beano Top Trumps: The classic card battle has been given a Beano makeover to make for an awesome edition of Top Trumps. Featuring 30 of your favourite Beano characters, revealing new details on their super powers and personalities, you can face off against friends and family to discover who's the ultimate ruler of Beanotown!

Will Dennis menace all, or may Minnie user her hidden skills to take the crown? Perhaps Calamity James will get lucky, just this once, or maybe Gnasher can prove that every dog has his day? It's anyone's guess who will win...

Stashed in a cool red pocket-sized carry pack, Beano Top Trumps is the perfect portable battle game. Breakfast time, playtime, lunchtime, any time - unleash your Top Trumps and rule the school!

Fun with friends and family: two epic games in one bundle.

Stuck in a caravan during the not-so-sunny English summer? Games Duo! Looking for a boredom-beating activity on a chilly autumn weekend? Games Duo! Got after work evenings to spend with your children? Games Duo! We could go on, but we won't. The point is, you can fill that spare time by becoming the Beano games champ! Make Dennis proud...

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