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Exclusive from Beano & The Book of Everyone, a personalised book filled with cheeky wisdom to celebrate Dennis’s 70th birthday. The ideal gift for mischievous Dads or anyone who grew up with the Beano.

The BLAM book is packed with Dennis's wise(ish) witticisms. For example:  “An apple a day keeps the doctor away. If you throw it hard enough.” Or, "Always give 100%. Unless you're giving blood.” Plus loads more, AND you can personalise it too!

Wise(ish) Words by Dennis

Created by Beano Studios & The Book of Everyone

Wise(ish) Words By Dennis is a personalised book that will have you chuckling from cover to cover. It’s full of stunning Beano illustrations all set to Dennis’s Wise(ish) Words on life.

There’s a choice of quotes on every page that you can personalise should you wish. You can also add a dedication and a few photos to make it even more special. Wise(ish) Words By Dennis is for Beano fans that grew up but never grew old. It’s a wonderful nostalgic throwback to the pea-shooting, whoopee-cushioning maverick in every childhood. Not to mention fatherhoods!


“Never grow up. It’s a trap!” - Dennis & Gnasher

Take a peek inside the book...

Filled with original Beano illustrations

The ultimate feel-good celebration of never growing old

nostalgic gift that’s up to no good!

Add photos and memories to make it extra personal

Created by Beano Studios & The Book of Everyone