Whoopee Cushion & Keyring Duo

PHAAART! Times your flatulence fun by two with the self-inflating Beano Whoopee Cushion & Keyring Duo.

This saver set gets you a cheeky price reduction on two of our most hilarious farting prank tools. You'll get the Ultimate Whoopee Cushion, an essential for every prankster, and the Keyring Whoopee Cushion, so you're never without the opportunity to plant a parp.

Ultimate Whoopee Cushion: The Beano Whoopee Cushion is emblazoned with Dennis's face, sticking out his tongue. Inflate with air, plant on a chair and wait for your unsuspecting stooge to take a seat. Acceptable comments after the inevitable windy pop are: "Had enough beans?", "I smell that!" or the classic, terribly loud, "Pardon you!".

Keyring Whoopee Cushion: A miniature, mobile version of our classic cushion, specially designed so you can pop a pump wherever you go. Nothing breaks the ice, or the tension, like the fantastic sound of a fart.

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