the Summer Read Bundle '21

Summer Read Bundle

Ah, those hazy, lazy summer days! Kicking back in the park, heading off on holiday, and reading your Beanos back-to-back. This summer, we've specially curated a selection of Beano’s best reads to make sure your summer is BLAM-tastic!


In your Summer Read Bundle, you’ll find:


  • The World’s First Ever Boomic! Join Dennis & Gnasher in The Battle for Bash Street School in this witty mix between book and comic (Boomic, geddit?), with amazing sound effects to listen along to throughout the book available on

  • Beano Book of Mischief, Mayhem, & Fun: A book jam-packed with over 100 indoor and outdoor activities to banish any summer boredom. From building your own catapult to learning about codes and ciphers.

  •  Beano Summer Special 2021: Packed full of comics, jokes and puzzles, the Beano Summer Special 2021 is bursting with summer fun!

  • Dandy Summer Special 2021: Rain or shine, The Dandy’s favourite characters will keep you entertained all summer long! With loads of awesome activities, it's the only holiday souvenir you need!

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