The Dennis and Gnasher Ultimate Boomic Bundle

Join the definitive rebel and his faithful hound in this collection of Beano books, including three BOOMICS (BOOks + coMICS) and the Ultimate Dennis & Gnasher Comic Collection Book.

Ultimate Dennis & Gnasher Comic Collection Book

Follow the duo's funniest, wackiest and often messiest adventures all in one book. As well as mischief and mayhem from the weekly comics, in an exclusive story Dennis finally reveals the secret of his striped jumper. You’ll only find The Epic Yarn of Awesomeness in this very special book, so make sure to get your hands on a copy.

Dennis & Gnasher: The Battle for Bash Street BOOMIC

The ultimate funny story told in our first EVER Boomic (BOOk + coMIC = BOOMIC). Can a group of ten year old mates (and one scruffy dog) really outwit the most fiendish, cunning teachers in the universe and, after millions of years, finally make school cool?!

Dennis & Gnasher: The Abominable Snowmenace BOOMIC

The second in our series of Boomics. When mysterious smelly footprints lead the gang to the school kitchen, they find themselves in a race against time to save their new best friend. Can they do it? You’ll have to find out for yourself!

Dennis & Gnasher: Super Slime Spectacular BOOMIC

In the fourth instalment of the BLAMAZING Boomic series, what could possibly go wrong when Dennis, Gnasher and their classmates undertake a risky experiment to create the ultimate slime?

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