Beano Monopoly

Introducing Beano Monopoly, the ultimate Monopoly for kids. Monopoly is a classic family game and you thought it couldn’t be improved, right? Wrong! Set in Beanotown’s Bash Street School and complete with bespoke playing tokens, Beano Monopoly is an excellent twist on the classic board game.

Monopoly for Kids

Whether they are Beano comic fans or not, kids will feel right at home at Bash Street School, Beanotown. Beano Monopoly is suitable for ages 8+ and 2-6 players.

What’s Beano Monopoly All About?

Bash Street School has a new headteacher and the word on the playground is that he thinks he's in charge.

Naturally, that's bad news for Beanotown residents Dennis, Minnie the Minx, Roger the Dodger and The Bash Street Kids, but they're ready to fight for their right to party (and blame their dog for eating their homework).

Select one of the bespoke Beano playing tokens: scooter, roller skate, bike, go-kart, trainer or skateboard, and race around the board. Wheel and deal with bespoke Beano Monopoly money and Bash Street School classrooms (or properties as they're known in classic Monopoly), and take control of the school, in the funniest Monopoly for kids ever!


1 Gameboard
6 Playing Tokens
28 Title Deed Cards
16 School Fund cards
16 Look Out! Teacher's About Card
1 Pack of Beano Monopoly Money 
32 Houses
12 Hotels
2 Dice

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