Beano Top Trumps

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Beano Top Trumps


2017 will be the year of the trumps! Don't worry, we're not talking 12 months of breaking wind, or even worse, listening to Donald. We're predicting everyone will be playing Top Trumps!

That's because the classic card battle has been reimagined into an awesome Top Trumps Beano Edition! Result!

Featuring 30 of your favourite Beano characters, revealing new and amazing details on their super powers and personalities, you can face off against friends and family to discover who's the ultimate ruler of Beanotown!

Will Dennis menace all, or may Minnie user her hidden skills to take the crown? Perhaps Calamity James will get lucky, just this once, or maybe Gnasher can prove that every dog has his day? It's anyone's guess who will win...

The power to decide which Trump triumphs will rest in YOUR hands. Take them everywhere in a bid to come a Beano Top Trumps Master. Stashed in a cool red pocket-sized carry pack, they're the perfect portable battle game. Breakfast time, play time, lunch time, any time! Unleash your Top Trumps and rule the school!

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Beano Top Trumps includes 30 Beano character cards, each with 5 fun statistics, as well as a joke filled Top Trumps file.

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