The Triple Trouble Annual Pack 2023

There's triple the fun with this fabulous pack including Beano Annual 2023, The Dandy Annual 2023 and The Beano & Dandy Gift Book 2023!

Beano Annual 2023

Beanotown is the place to go for mischief and mayhem because it’s the place where kids rule! The parents and the teachers of Bash Street School might think differently, but the kids from the longest-running weekly comic in the world know the truth… as they’ll prove in 112 pages of brand new, awesomely funny stories!

The Dandy Annual 2023

Join Desperate Dan, Winker Watson, Cuddles & Dimples, Corporal Clott and all their friends as they team up for 112 pages of brand new, hilarious comic strips.
This is the perfect gift for kids (of all ages)!

The Beano & Dandy Gift Book

The Beezer, The Topper, Sparky, Nutty, The Dandy, Beano, and more! This giftbook takes you along on the hilarious exploits of a range of zany classic characters from all across the DC Thomson archives!
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