The 2022 Beano Annual

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Beano Annual 2022

The Beano Annual is a regular bestseller, the ultimate collectable and a Christmas tradition going back to 1940. It’s loved by kids, parents and grandparents alike.

In the Beano Annual 2022 our superheroes wear stripes! Get ready for 112 pages of lolz, fun and Beanotown mischief.

Minnie the Minx (as her superhero alter ego Batmin) dispenses her own brand of hilarious justice to bullies and grown-ups alike.

Dennis and Gnasher must stop Walter's diabolical plot to create the Ultimate Menace as he tries to take over the town.

Beanotown's top spy, Dangerous Dan, seeks to uncover an enemy agent in our awesome long story, Spy Hunter.

Unlike some other annuals, the Beano Annual is packed full of brand-new funny content – you won’t have read these comic strips before!

Annuals have a long history, and the Beano Annual one of the longest, but each year’s comic strips are written for today’s kids. Just like our weekly comic, the Beano Annual 2022 is full of laughs, pranks and fun that reflect the world we live in now.

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Hardback book.

112 pages.

Full colour.

Suitable for ages 6+.

Dimensions: 285 x 215 x 12 mm

Weight: 550g

ISBN: 9781845358648

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