From the Archive: Dennis Gets his Stripes Art Print

Dennis Gets his Stripes – Beano Archive art print

New characters in the Beano would often be trialled as half-page strips to test the reader reaction. It wouldn’t be unusual to see a character’s design change during this time, and here we see Dennis changing from his t-shirt and tie he wore in the Beginnings of Mischief print to something a bit more recognisable.

Dennis first wore his iconic striped jumper in May 1951. At this time, it was a white and black jumper! In September the white stripe was changed to red, after Dennis was promoted to a page that featured red ink. This was the first sign that he wasn't just taking part but preparing to take over…

Pictured, we see Dennis’s very first use of a peashooter, although, things definitely don’t quite seem like they’re going to plan! Drawn by David Law.

From the Archive – What’s it about?

Brand new and exclusive to the Beano Shop, we're happy to introduce the "From the Archive" range! To help celebrate 70 years of Dennis, our amazing archivists have dug deep into the Beano archive and helped us to identify and revive these iconic moment's in the Beano's history. Available in multiple sizes, these must-have, high quality art prints are just the start of the adventure! As we continue to delve even deeper into the archive, who knows what else we'll find?

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  • Printed in vivid, vibrant colour on high-quality, 300gsm paper (A3) / 170gsm paper (A2).
  • Available in A3 size (29.7cm x 42cm) or A2 size (42cm x 59.4cm).
  • Wooden frame available in black or white. 3cm wide around the edges of the print.
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