Dennis and the Chamber of Mischief

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Dennis and the Chamber of Mischief



Dennis decides to take action when Beanotown suddenly becomes 'Boring-town', as he is the only hope to bringing back the excitement. And just how is he going to do this? By rediscovering the legendary Golden Peashooter of Everlasting Fun, of course... even if he has to face a ferocious Gnashersaurus rex along the way!

Leading him straight to the curious Chamber of Mischief, a labyrinth of games and puzzles, which Dennis must solve.

Join Dennis, Gnasher, Minnie and Walter on this interactive adventure and help restore Beanotown back to unpredictable awesomeness.

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Studio Press
An imprint of Kings Road Publishing
Part of Bonnier Publishing

Written and illustrated by Nigel Auchterlounie

For ages 6+

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