Beano Epic Activity Bundle '21

Epic Activity Bundle

It’s called epic for a reason! Five awesome Beano games and books all for less than £6 a pop! You’d be hard pressed to find better value entertainment anywhere this summer.


In your Epic Activity Bundle, you’ll find:

  • Where’s Gnasher: A cheeky, Beano-fiedplay on the classic search-and-find bookinvolving a certain scruffy critter

  • Beano Colouring Book: Beanotown has lost its colour! Can you help Dennis and Minnie bring it back?With official Beano comic artwork,sneak-peeks of Beanotown, and jokes aplenty, this book is sure to keep Beano fans out of mischief for hours!

  • Beano Jigsaw Puzzle: Put Dennis, Gnasher and Minnie the Minx back together again (so they can continue causing mischief!) with this 200-piece, kid-friendly jigsaw puzzle.

  • Beano Top Trumps: The classic kids’ card game meets the world’s longest running comic! 30 character cards, 5 fun stats per character. Use the stats on your cards to try and “trump” each other and win the game by collecting the whole pack!Just be nice and give them back...

  • Beano Playing Cards: Play classic card games together with this pack of premium Waddington’s Playing Cards featuring the Beano’s most beloved characters! Recommended for ages 8+.

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