Beano Single Issue (BeOne Limited Edition Issue)

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BeONE – 2021 Limited Edition Collectible Issue

We only went and did it again! Get your hands on our hilarious take on 2021.

Last year we were all apart, but this year get together and enjoy this special comic designed to make the whole nation laugh, as one.

BeONE sees Dennis set off on a solo quest to reunite Gnasher with his family for Christmas. On realising her beloved boy has gone, Mrs Menace alerts Mayor Brown to help track him down but Mayor sees his opportunity to keep Dennis out of Beanotown for good. As Dennis tries to make his way back to Beanotown, to be reunited with his family just in time for Christmas Day, Mayor and Walter try to stop him at every turn but luckily Jennifer and Jessica Gadirova, Sky Brown, Kare Adenegan, Matty Lee and Emma Raducanu come to the rescue.

The special comic also sees special appearances from some of the other biggest names of 2021 including Matt Hancock, Piers Morgan, Jackie Weaver on Zoom and Elon Musk and his moon mission.

The special pull-out comic features inside this week’s BLAMTASTIC issue giving you 44 pages of laughs. It’s the perfect, collectible gift for any Beano fan!

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