The 2019 Beano Annual - Limited Edition Signed Copy

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Get your hands on the very special, limited edition copy of  The 2019 Beano Annual, signed by Beano cartoonist Nigel Parkinson.  This is the perfect collectable for the Beano fanatic.

It's the 80th Birthday Beano Annual 2019! Celebrating 80 years of the world's longest-running weekly comic, read (and read again) through 112 pages of brand new, hilariously funny stories inside the nations number one annual.

Join the stars of TV's smash hit Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed as well as the usual suspect, Minnie the Minx, Roger the Dodger and the Bash Street Kids as they meet characters from Beanotown's colourful past, present and onwards into the future. There are over 250 to identify.

Take inspiration by their mischief to 'think kid' and remind everyone, every single day, that being a rebel is something we should all be proud of. Can we succeed in our mission to make Rebels Wanted?


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