Build-a-Beano - Personalised Art Print

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NEW & EXCLUSIVE: The gift of gifts! The treat of a lifetime!

For the first time in Benaotown history, Dennis is out-menaced by another kid!  Your kid! What’s more, he’s pleased about it...

You can FOR THE FIRST TIME IN OVER 80 YEARS choose someone you love to become the ultimate comic star, before sending them upon an adventure of a lifetime! An adventure they’ll be proud to share with family and friends, both now and for generations to come.

Whether you, or the kid who receives this treat is already a lifelong fan of Beano comic, or entirely new to the adventures of Dennis and Gnasher, this gift puts THEM at the heart of the story.  That’s because the unique, most important detail is the introduction of Beanotown’s latest, and greatest character! The kid who you nominate!


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