From the Archive: Beware of Dennis Art Print

Beware of Dennis – Beano Archive art print

Amazing full colour piece taken from the back cover of the first ever Dennis annual, dated 1956. Dennis has subverted the convention of a kid being scared off by an imposing warning sign, by putting his own creative spin on things.

This picture demonstrates the evolution of David “Davey” Law’s style to portray a more elongated character design.  Gone is the stocky representation of Dennis, replaced with a looser, more gangly art style. Dennis’s last dedicated annual was in 2011, giving his annual a 55 year run, which is longer than any other individual character annual!

From the Archive – What’s it about?

Brand new and exclusive to the Beano Shop, we're happy to introduce the "From the Archive" range! To help celebrate 70 years of Dennis, our amazing archivists have dug deep into the Beano archive and helped us to identify and revive these iconic moment's in the Beano's history. Available in multiple sizes, these must-have, high quality art prints are just the start of the adventure! As we continue to delve even deeper into the archive, who knows what else we'll find?

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