Beano Would You Rather Book

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Test your numskulls with this hilarious new Would You Rather book!

Join Dennis, Gnasher and friends as they as they put their numskulls to the test and ponder all manner of weird and wacky would you rather questions.

Full of wild decisions and silly alternatives, this book will inspire hysterical conversations for all the family to enjoy.

‘Pie Face, would you rather…
… win ten thousand pounds but never eat a pie again…
… OR owe Dennis one thousand pounds but have ten thousand pies?’

The perfect gift for funny kids, friends and families to enjoy!


About the Authour

I.P. Daley is the latest author to chronicle the adventures of the fantastic Dennis and Gnasher. Having spent many years as a reporter for the Beanotown Gazette, I.P. knows her subject and is good friends with the Beano Editor. She's inspired by tricks, pranks and jokes, and even boasts a doctorate in gelotology (the science of laughter), giving her the unprecedented ability to document the dynamic duo's exploits with rib-tickling tales.


Format: Softback

Release Date: 5th Jan 2023

Measurements: 129x198mm

Pages: 192 pages

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