Triple Trouble Pack 2022

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Beano Annual 2022 - This is the year of the superhero … and our heroes wear stripes! Minnie the Minx dons her cape once more as Batmin, to dispense her own brand of hilarious justice to bullies and grown-ups alike. Dennis and Gnasher must stop Walter's diabolical plot to create the "Ultimate Menace" as he tries to take over the town! And Beanotown's top spy, Dangerous Dan, seeks to uncover an enemy agent in our awesome long story 'Spy Hunter'!

The Dandy Annual 2022 - The 2022 annual celebrates the winter Olympics ... and this year it's taking place in Dandytown! Korky the Cat and Winker Watson bring together all of their friends, from Desperate Dan and Brassneck to Beryl the Peril and Blinky, to compete in some of the silliest sports you'll see, such as snowman building, ski jumping and even curling!

The Beano & Dandy Gift Book 2022 - This carefully curated collection of classic comic strips will have readers young and old laughing through decades of some of the very best stories from the comedy cast on display including favourites like Dennis and Gnasher, Minnie the Minx, Desperate Dan, Beryl the Peril, The Bash Street Kids - and many more!

Pack contains 3 x Hardback Books

Pagination: Beano - 112 pages

The Dandy - 112 pages

The Beano & Dandy Gift Book - 144 pages.

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