The 2019 Triple Trouble Annual Pack

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Triple the trouble and you're guaranteed triple the laughs.

Bursting onto comic stands in December 1937 The Dandy was brimming with hilarious tales and quirky characters. The Dandy Annual is back with a bang, the 2019 Annual being the ONLY place to read both new and original comic strips featuring Desperate Dan, Winker Watson, Bully Beef and Chips, Black Bob, Korky the Cat and the rest of the gang!

The Food Fight Gift Book is a hugely popular collection of rarely seen classic comic strips specially selected from DC Thomson's archives. Expect to feast on the best strips from the past eight decades, putting heavy-hitting casts of these two titles head-to-head. Dive in to find out who the cleverest, greediest, messiest, and funniest food-loving favourites are in this ultimate comic FOOD FIGHT!

Beano Annual

Dimensions: 285 x 215
Page Count: 112
Binding: Hardback

Dandy Annual
Dimensions: 285 x 215
Binding: Hardback

Beano & The Dandy Food Fights!
Dimensions: 300 x 225
Page Count: 144
Binding: Hardback

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